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Claim Your Destiny! is a motivational book that offers life lessons about success and tapping into the potential the you innately possess! ...

The Youth Leadership Program is designed to empower youth with tools to become leaders among their peers ... 

Thousands of attendees can't be wrong ...

"Sugar Ray Destin, Jr. is a top notch, motivated and highly impactful speaker!  He positively brings a variety of tools to every speaking, training and audience everywhere!  He has a passion and purpose every time!  I highly recommend Sugar Ray!"

- Ms. Ereka Howard

Leadership Expert/Speaker/Trainer


"It was a success!  The kids haven't stop talking about you.  The counselors praised your visit and were happy their clients were happy!  Sugar Ray, after your speech the kids brains went into overdrive that night and now they are suddenly full of dreams they never really thought about.  That's awesome! Thank you for giving from your heart!  You have a powerful gift from God indeed!"
- Anna Lombardo

Community Staff Specialist Phoenix House

"Sugar Ray Destin, Jr. is a Giant in my book!  Not only in height but also in spirit.  He is a powerful, passionate speaker and his ability to ignite the youth into action is remarkable.  It makes him one of the most exciting and relevant speakers around!"

- Isaac Rowe

Founder/CEO of The Man In Me

Sugar Ray is a motivational speaker, who continuously gives back to the community.  When the need arises he makes himself available.  The messages he delivers are powerful, and many are his own experiences.
Our children are claiming their destinies and I want to thank you for showing them talents they possess and supporting them.


- LaShelle Reed

Teen Coordinator

Turner-Roberts Recreation Center

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Keynote Speaker Sugar Ray Destin, Jr. 

If you could have genuine motivation, high-energy original humor, and organization specific customized success based content delivered in a single program, what value would that have for your organization?

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