Sugar Ray Destin, Jr. provides a variety of topics.  He can also tailor his presentation to meet the needs of your group!

Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.

Dynamic Youth Motivational Speaker

Effective Leadership Skills Expert

Sugar Ray brings an exciting blend of anecdotes and humor that will energize your group.  Sugar Ray’s mission is to enable others to passionately pursue their destiny!

Sugar Ray Destin, Jr. has a passion for youth.  He has a vision to empower, uplift and restore our communities


"Sugar Ray Destin, Jr. is a top notch, motivated and highly impactful speaker!  He positively brings a variety of tools to every speaking, training and audience everywhere!  He has a passion and purpose every time!  I highly recommend Sugar Ray!"

- Ms. Ereka Howard

Leadership Expert/Speaker/Trainer


"Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.  is a dynamic speaker who knows how to engage his audience and always leaves them thinking about how they want to actively create their destiny. He captivates with his story because he has stepped out of the box and intentionally dove into his passions. I have seen him speak at an event and I was blown away by his delivery and his content. I left thinking about my own life and what I desired to create and leave behind as my legacy. Leaders of Tomorrow through the Black MBAs in Austin invited him to participate in the college and career expo.  All of the students who spoke with him all left pondering on who they wanted to be in life not just what. People like Sugar Ray are needed to keep the minds and hearts open of our youth today who are our tomorrow. I thank him for what he does and I want to see every child on this planet inspired by his message!"

- Genia Jones-Hale Author of Butterfly Unique

"It was a success!  When the House Manager Leslie Whitley told you the kids lose interest quick I remember you saying don't worry I can get their attention...and you did!  The kids haven't stop talking about you.  The counselors praised your visit and were happy their clients were happy!  Remember the blonde girl who said she was going to college but didn't know what she wanted to study.  Well, it turns out she is a gifted Artist.  She paints abstract paintings.  She said this morning she wanted to be a writer or journalist.  Sugar Ray, after your speech she & the other kids brains went into overdrive that night and now they are suddenly full of dreams they never really thought about.  That's awesome! I really admire the work you do Sugar Ray and we are blessed that you came into our lives at Phoenix House.  I have done this work for 7 yrs.  People like you motivate me and I (we) need motivation at times.  Thank you for giving from your heart!  You have a powerful gift from God indeed!"
- Anna Lombardo

Community Staff Specialist Phoenix House

"Sugar Ray Destin, Jr. is a Giant in my book!  Not only in height but also in spirit.  He is a powerful, passionate speaker and his ability to ignite the youth into action is remarkable.  It makes him one of the most exciting and relevant speakers around!"

- Isaac Rowe

Founder/CEO of The Man In Me

As a teen coordinator in the Northeast area of Austin, I am faced with challenges when dealing with teens from suicide, drugs, family violence, peer pressure and bullying to name a few. Often times it is hard to find guest speakers to speak on a level to where teens understand and can absorb valuable information. I was blessed to have met an outstanding, phenomenal gentleman by the name of Sugar Ray Destin, Jr. who has turned out to be just what my teens needed.  After hearing the first couple sessions of Sugar Ray their attention spans grew and they desired more and more each week. Bullying has been one of the greatest topics for the teens. I witnessed my teens put aside their pride and actually engage deeper in conversation regarding issues they deal with at school on a daily basis. It excites me to walk in to the recreation center in the evening and be greeted by my teens asking, “Is Mr. Sugar Ray Destin coming today, Ms. Ashley?” When I asked my teens what was one thing they valued the most about Sugar Ray Destin, they all agreed “He tells us the truth and he doesn’t sugar coat anything!”  Turner-Roberts Recreation Center appreciates and values Sugar Ray’s desire to want to motivate and encourage children, especially teens and inspire them to know that they can make it!! 

- Ashley Green
Teen Coordinator
Turner-Roberts Recreation Center

Part of my job is creating classes and securing guest speakers.  In the past, I’ve had the honor of working with Mr. Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.  Sugar Ray is a motivational speaker, who continuously gives back to the community.  When the need arises he makes himself available.  We share the same passions of teaching, guiding and being a positive role model for our youth.  The messages he delivers are powerful, and many are his own experiences.
Speaking on behalf of Turner-Roberts Recreation Center I thank you from the bottom of my heart. At the closing of each lecture he ends it with, ”Claim Your Destiny!”  Our children are claiming their destinies and I want to thank you for showing them talents they possess and supporting them.


- LaShelle Reed

Teen Coordinator

Turner-Roberts Recreation Center

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